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Warehouse & Equipment Storage Buildings

Open Space and Maneuverability

Britespan fabric buildings are a fast, economical solution for your warehousing and equipment storage needs. Our fabric structures are available from 24’ to 300’ wide to any length, and provide ample height and extraordinary clearance for access, ease of movement, and loading and handling. There are no interior columns to interfere with bays, trucks, or heavy machinery. Common building uses include general warehousing, distribution facilities, vehicle and equipment storage, and maintenance facilities. 

Britespan's steel trusses and truss components are hot dip galvanized after all fabrication is complete, providing lifelong corrosion protection. Britespan's non-corrosive tension fabric roof system has a tremendous rip, tear and puncture strength. The superior ventilation and air quality eliminates moisture, reducing rust and improving vehicle and equipment longevity. The fabric covers also allow for bright natural light, creating a safe working environment for crews working inside the building.

Choosing a Britespan fabric building means your business can gain the benefits of increased storage space or operational manufacturing space sooner, as they are often constructed in a fraction of the time than conventional buildings.

Britespan has designed and engineered custom fabric buildings for every industry, from custom widths, heights, foundations, entrances and openings and more. Because we have the hands on experience engineering these unique structures, you can have the confidence that your Britespan building will exceed expectations. This experience is an asset to those that require something a little more custom than our standard product line.

A variety of custom components are available, including door optionsinsulationend and side walls, as well as custom branding and logo printing

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Britespan fabric buildings are the ideal building solution for:
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Vehicle and Equipment Storage
  • Industrial Warehousing Facilities 
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Supplies Storage Buildings
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