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CE MarkingCE Marking

Britespan Building Systems Inc. has become the first and only fabric building manufacturer in North America to have achieved the CE Marking, indicating excellence in product quality control processes and permitting sale in Europe. Achieving the CE Marking of fabricated structural steelwork permits Britespan to sell their products in any country of the European Union. The CE marking is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with European Union (EU) health, safety and environmental protection directives and regulations. Britespan is certified to BS EN 1090-1


Britespan is certified to CAN/CSA-A660, a requirement of engineered structures under the National Building Code of Canada. The new CSA-A660 requirements, released in the fall of 2009, introduce more stringent mandatory standards for fabric engineering than were previously part of the previous CSA-A660 certification. The new standards include full-system requirements covering the fabric supplier, fabric design engineer and fabric production facilities. Britespan’s certification to this new standard provides customer confidence in the strength and reliability of its products and integrity of the company.

The CSA-A660 Standard was developed to assist government officials in reviewing building permit submissions incorporating a steel building system, and to help purchasers in obtaining a quality building. Customers may experience difficulty in getting permits without CSA-A660 certification.

The CSA-A660 Standard requires that the manufacturer’s suppliers, production facilities, design, engineering, staff, and quality assurance systems are capable of consistently producing quality buildings. The National Building Code of Canada states that “building systems shall be manufactured by companies certified in accordance with the requirements of CSA-A660 Certification of Manufactures of Steel Building Systems.”

Engineering Certifications & Recognition

Britespan Building Systems Inc. is recognized as certified professional engineers in all Canadian Provinces and US States. This means that every structure sold by Britespan is backed by professional engineering associations across North America, and ensures that product you purchase is strong, safe, and reliable for years to come. 

BMEC (Building Materials Evaluation Commission)BMEC (Building Materials Evaluation Commission)

The Building Materials Evaluation Commission (BMEC) is Ontario’s agency for evaluating new building products. It has a mandate to conduct or authorize the examination of materials, systems and building designs for construction. Britespan steel frames and fabric covers have been certified and approved by BMEC.

CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau)CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau)

The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) has certified Britespan’s manufacturing facility to CSA Standard W47.1 “Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel” in Division 2. Division 2 requires that Britespan retains the services of a qualified Welding Engineer. Certified Welding Supervisors are on staff to control Britespan’s welding operations. CWB qualifies Welding Supervisors based on related experience, and examinations on welding symbols, weld faults, quality control and inspection methods. The welding operation is subject to third-party audits by CWB to assure continued commitment and performance to required standards.

Britespan Building Sytems Inc. is certified to a number of North American Building Manufacturing standards.

CWB QualityMark Program CWB QualityMark
The QualityMark program represents much more than just a mark, it represents Britespan's dedication to the welding industry and our stellar ability to perform high quality welding procedures in an industry that prides itself on ensuring public safety. In addition, the QualityMark recognizes Britespan as a welding company that provides high quality craftsmanship to the general public and industry.

AWS (American Welding Society)

Affiliate Member.AWS (American Welding Society)


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