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Heart & Stroke Big Bike Ride

One bike. 30 seats. 20 minutes. 2 kms. 

One great team working to create more survivors!
The Heart & Stroke Big Bike is a team event geared towards companies, community organizations and groups. Teams are made up of enthusiastic riders who each commit to support heart disease and stroke research. When you support the Heart & Stroke Big Bike, you help create more survivors. 

We had a great time riding the Big Bike! Thank you for all of your support!

See some of the photos from our Big Bike Ride on June 12, 2016!

Why Your Support Matters
We need people like you. When you donate or help raise funds for Britespan’s Heart & Stroke Big Bike ride, you help ensure that more survivors come home to the people they love. Thanks to the money you raise and donate, the Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSF) is able to fund research that leads to medical breakthroughs, helping survivors recover faster and return home to their families sooner. 

Watch this inspirational video 'The Race To Save Lives', featuring Heart and Stroke Researcher Dr. Kim Connelly here!

How the Heart and Stroke Foundation Helps Create More Survivors
microscopeThe HSF have invested over $32 million in life-saving heart disease and stroke research in 2014, supporting more than 1,000 researchers across Canada.

heartThe HSF placed more than 8,000 life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in communities across Canada to increase someone’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest.

boltThe HSF funded the development of life-saving treatments that created 165,000 survivors last year.

By supporting Big Bike, you help:

  • empower Canadians to make positive changes and prevent disease
  • save lives at the moment a health emergency strikes
  • promote recovery, where and when it’s needed
  • significantly improve the health of Canadians by decreasing their risk factors for heart disease and stroke by 10% by 2020
  • reduce Canadian’s rate of death from heart disease and stroke by 25% by 2020
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