Financing and Lease to Own Your Fabric Building

You have finally found the perfect fabric building solution for your business or operations. But now, what payment options are there to purchase the building? Britespan works with a variety of lenders that offer fast and flexible financing and leasing programs to make buying easy!

Leasing to own your fabric building is often a great solution for both agricultural and commercial operations that want to have better control over their expenses and manage their cash flow over a longer period. Leasing is a financial strategy. It’s deferred ownership and along the way, you can expense the payments just like you would fuel. Can you strategically use an expense to potentially reduce taxable income or to keep your other lines of credit/financing facilities open for other things? Now that is something to think about!

Explore if leasing is right for your operations

Farm Buildings and Barns, Britespan Fabric Buildings and Barns


Britespan's prefab farm buildings are perfect for every agricultural application, from barns, equipment and machinery storage, composting and storing crops.

Portable Warehouse Storage Buildings, Britespan Fabric Buildings


When planning your next commercial warehouse, general storage building, or salt storage dome, Britespan’s fabric buildings provide the most versatile efficient solution.

Recycling Buildings and Sorting Facilities, Fabric Buildings, Engineered Buildings


Britespan's buildings are perfect for a wide range of building applications including storage buildings, warehouse storage, retail and recreation facilities, and waste and recycling processing.

Fabric buildings have long lifespans, so the depreciation is very slow when using traditional financing.  The lease to own option allows you to fully expense the payments in a shorter period.  How much time do you want to take to depreciate versus expense the building?

Leasing is 100% financing and typically occurs without having to pay out a large upfront down payment.  Would you like to keep your cash for other things versus having to put it upfront into the financing?  And the leasing process is convenient, fast, and uncomplicated. Keep it simple so your project can get going sooner. Customized payments schedules are available. ***always speak with your accountant***

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