Fabric Structure Maintenance Facility | Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine

Customer name: Bloom Lake/Cliffs Natural Resources (Mining)
Building size and series: 100′ x 160′ Apex Building Series on container foundation
Building use: Maintenance facility
Authorized Dealer: Corner Cast Construction Inc. and Vertical Building Solutions
Overview of business and benefits of the building: 

Britespan Authorized Dealers, Corner Cast Construction and Vertical Building Solutions, worked with Bloom Lake iron ore mine in Fermont, Quebec to engineer and construct a hybrid building solution for Cliffs Natural Resources.

The Bloom Lake structure was built as a temporary truck shop that required 40’ x 40’ doors and an interior of 100’ x 160’ to accommodate Caterpillar 797 and Komatsu 730E trucks. Working together, Corner Cast and Vertical modified and installed 36 containers for this project that were used as locker rooms, lunchrooms, offices, washrooms and mechanical rooms. The containers on each side added 28 feet of width.

The advantage of using the containers as a foundation for the structure was that the customer didn’t have to purchase a wider building to achieve the height they required. There was limited land space for the structure, so the ability to construct a building with the height they needed made this a unique project.

The Corten steel shipping containers were trucked to Bloom Lake and rest on a compacted gravel pad. Once the containers arrived on site they were sealed together to make a series of smaller rooms connected to open space. The steel trusses were assembled and the synthetic fabric was placed atop them to enclose the structure. Finally, the insulation, lighting, heating, doors and steel cladding were installed. Total construction time on site was two months.