Equipment Storage Fabric Structure | British Columbia Oil & Gas Company

Equipment storage

Customer name:
 British Columbia Oil & Gas Company
Building size and series: 60′ x 130′ Apex Building Series
Building use: Equipment storage
Authorized Dealer: SpanMaster Structures Ltd.
Overview of business and benefits of the building: 

With one of the heaviest snow loads in British Columbia, one of Britespan’s construction customers out of Terrace, BC required a building in a remote location that could withstand the snow load of 5.4Kpa. The building would be used as a warehouse for storing heavy equipment used to build a future pipeline. This customer decided the right building solution for the remote site was a 60’ x 130’ Apex Building Series on a solid row of concrete blocks.

Under permit conditions, the block foundation and structure was built on a compacted gravel pad. By using the block foundation, Britespan was able to provide the customer with a building that had little to no environmental impact on the site, should the operations decide to move the building to another location. The building could be deconstructed and removed without any lasting changes to the land, its surroundings, or the environment.

“Britespan and our dealer were able to ensure the rigorous standards and guidelines of the operating company were met prior to the construction. Structural drawings and letters of assurance regarding the process and schedule were supplied,” says the company representative. “Our dealer provided us with a complete and turnkey building ready for use with a construction timeline of 10 days from start to finish.”