Fabric Building Dairy Heifer Barn | Drost Family Dairy Farm

Customer name: Drost Family Dairy Farm, Kyle and Adrienne Drost
Building size and series: 50′ x 100′ Atlas Building Series
Building use: Dairy Heifer Barn
Authorized Dealer: Plumeville Construction Inc.
Overview of business:

Kyle and Adrienne Drost purchased their farm from Kyle’s parents in May of 2013. Over the last year and a half they started thinking about getting a new heifer barn. The Drost’s neighbour’s had a Britespan building for their horses, and they had seen them going up all over their area. After doing some research online and watching Britespan’s videos, they decided to choose a Britespan building for their new heifer barn.

“We decided to check out Britespan, and haven’t regretted it at all, we are really impressed with it,” said Adrienne. The Drost’s purchased a 50 ’wide by 100’ long Atlas Building Series with 3’ eaves, a concrete foundation and walls, curtains, and a 10’ wide by 9’ high overhead door.

“We just love the light. We don’t have to turn on the few lights until about 6:00 at night. The cows love it too; it’s nice for them to have the natural light coming in. It’s easier for us to see them from when they were in the big barn for catching heats,” said Adrienne.

The Drost’s got in touch with Britespan and the process started within a week. “Plumeville was fantastic helping us figure out what we needed, and were great to help us with anything we had questions about.”