Howe Sound Stables | Indoor Riding Arena Fabric Structure

Customer name: Howe Sound Stables, Svin and Kirbi Kozek
Building size and series: 72’ x 120’ Atlas Building Series
Building use: Indoor Riding Arena
Authorized Dealer: SpanMaster Structures Ltd. 
Overview of business and benefits of the building: Howe Sound Stables is a fantastic full service boarding facility with professional equine management, and rider coaching and training. Located amongst Squamish, British Columbia’s world famous backdrop with views of the Chief and Garibaldi Mountain and lush rain forest trails, it is just five minutes away from the beautiful Howe Sound.Their 72’ x 120’ Britespan Atlas Building Series indoor arena offers riders of all disciplines to train year-round on their exceptional, ‘dust-free’ footing which never packs hard to give your horse optimum joint mobility while working. The facility also consists of 11 stalls, all of which measure 12’ x 12′. For their client’s horses’ comfort all stalls are matted, with lookouts and great ventilation systems to keep them healthy and happy for the duration of their stay. Howe Sound Stables also has large day pens with a 12’ x 12′ shelter in each; pens are graded with professional drainage to ensure minimal mud in the often damp ‘west-coast’ climate.

When Svin and Kirbi first arrived on the coast they quickly realised that, unlike to Okanagan it was very much a rain forest climate where we could have many consecutive days of rain. “And so began our venture to build an indoor arena at their facility.  We toyed with the idea of a wooden pole structure barn but after a lengthy investigation decided a Britespan building would be the best fit for us,” said Kirbi.

“The Britespan name says it all; these buildings are “bright”! The fabric allows tons of natural light to filter through, even on dark and gloomy days; this natural light is not only better for the horse’s health and mood (compared to fluorescent lights) but it has greatly reduced our hydro costs. We also liked that these buildings will not rot like wood will over time.”

Svin and Kirbi also liked that the building had a great ventilation system, and that it only took a week to erect their new barn.  The duo also liked that the buildings are easily customizable, from the type and colour of fabric to the length and width of the building. “We even had the freedom to add doors and breeze ways in any size, exactly where we wanted,” said Kirbi.

And when it came to working with Authorized Britespan Dealer, SpanMaster Structures Ltd., both Svin and Kirbi couldn’t be happier “The crew from SpanMaster were amazingly professional! They worked very hard and quickly to get our building up before the weather turned bad and was always pleasant to be around. We ran into numerous unforeseen obstacles while trying to plan for and build this arena, but they stuck by us through a three year battle with the district and helped us every step of the way. The company and crew went over and above our expectations!”

Some additional benefits of their new Britespan building is that their lighting costs have been cut in half compared to that of a wood or pole structure design, and the speed of the install allowed them to save on labour costs.  The horses are happier and healthier under natural light versus fluorescent light, the ventilation system always provides fresh clean air to breath, and of course clients and community members are all happy they get to train, ride and work with their horses year round.

“I would highly recommend SpanMaster and Britespan to other Equestrian facilities, especially on the coast where we see a lot more rain and gloomy weather. These buildings are built to last and can be tailored specifically to your environment, with heavy duty materials and professional design and install Britespan buildings are affordable, reliable and they are a great company to work with before, during and after your project.”