Lyon Jerseys Heifer Barn | Fabric Building Dairy Barn

Customer name: Eric Lyon, Lyon Jerseys
Building size and series: Two 40′ x 96′ Atlas Building Series, one 50′ x 112′ Atlas Building Series
Building use: Heifer barn and hay and equipment storage
Authorized Dealer: Friedman Distributing
Overview of business and benefits of the building: 

For over 90 years and three generations, dairy farming has been the cornerstone of the Lyon family farm located near Toledo, Iowa. Eric oversees the 1000 head of Jersey cattle of which 320 are part of the milking process. Lyon Jerseys sells its milk to Swiss Valley Farms, a leader in the retail market development and the first cooperative in the Midwest to offer a protein premium. “It is a producer owned co-op and one of the first to introduce the multiple component pricing plan which has now become an industry standard,” Eric says.

The Lyon Jersey herd is nationally recognized for exceptional genetics and excellent milk production. The Lyons have bred a number of production and show winners, sent bulls to A.I., and over the past 10 years sold 1175 cattle (including 900 bulls) across the country, both privately and through high-visibility consignment sales such as the All American Jersey Sale and the National Heifer Sale.

There is little doubt that part of superior cattle performance comes through their living environment. Lyon Jersey cattle are housed in free-stall barns bedded with sand to improve the comfort and cleanliness of the cattle. Over the years, the Lyon Jersey owners have continued to update their barn systems. In the past 10 years, they have added three Britespan buildings: two 40′ x 96′ Atlas building series used for raising heifers and one 50′ x 112′ Atlas building series for hay and equipment storage. All three buildings have roll-up doors on each end.

“As we researched building options, we looked at several key components,” says Eric. “We found that the cover allows for excellent natural lighting even on cloudy days. Plus there is very little condensation with the fabric cover. Ventilation is excellent. Plus, the building provides shade during the summer months and is easy to heat in the winter. During our research, we found that the Britespan building estimate was extremely cost effective and less than what other buildings would have cost.”

“Our dealer worked extremely hard in making sure everything went smoothly from the design, to getting the materials and the building of the buildings. They go up fast and the company takes care of its product. When we had the high winds that damaged the top of one of the buildings, we had great support and the roof was quickly repaired.”

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