Compost Pack Barn Fabric Building | Snow Dairy Springville, UT

Customer name: Tony Snow, Snow Dairy
Building size and series: 70′ x 140′ Atlas Building Series
Building use: Compost bedded pack barn
Authorized Dealer: Effingham Animal Health Center, Inc.
Overview of business and benefits of the building: 

Snow Dairy is comprised of 140 Brown Swiss milk cows along with another 140 head of heifers and calves. In 2004, Snow introduced a grazing program and began to see their expenses cut dramatically. “Grazing is about cutting expenses. Yes, the gross numbers will obviously decrease, but we have found that by using a variety of forages we can increase animal health and really cut our veterinary costs. It’s about efficiency and health of the cattle and cutting costs. We haven’t fed corn on this farm for seven years, and we’re happy with the choice that we made.”

For the Snows, the bottom line is efficiency, productivity and cutting costs. That’s why over the years they have replaced their traditional metal buildings with fabric structures.

In 2010, a 70′ x 120′ was added followed by a 70′ x 140′ Britespan Atlas building series that sits back to back with the 120’ building. These two barns are used as a compost bedded pack barn. The 140’ building was put up in 2011 on 24″ poured concrete pillars. These pillars are 7½ ft out of the ground, which allows unrestricted access the entire length of the barn. By doing this the 140′ building was 3 ft taller than the 120′ building. “We use manure and cornstalks to create a compost pile. Through the winter, I take a nine-foot chisel plow and stir the cornstalks with the manure. By September, it’s just like sawdust and perfect to put on the pastures and hay fields,” says Snow.

“Because these buildings are considered portable buildings, our insurance costs and our real estate taxes are significantly lower. Plus the quality and construction make the buildings affordable,” says Snow.