Fabric Building Hog Barn | Tom Henry

Customer Name: Tom Henry

Building Size and Series: 72’ x 200’ Atlas Series Buildings

Building Use: Hog Barn

Overview of Business:


Tom Henry operates a mixed farm in Victoria, British Columbia that produces hogs, lamb, chicken, as well as grain and hay.

He had been renting barns for his hogs, and when the owner no longer offered the buildings for rent, he needed a building to house his 400+ hogs. “Without a barn for the hogs, we would have had to shut down that part of the business, which is about 70% of our revenue,” said Tom.

With his hog business at risk, Tom started to look into purchasing a barn of his own. “We talked to several manufacturers and looked into several building types, including fabric, wood and steel. The steel buildings were too dark and vulnerable to corrosion, and we couldn’t find a pole barn design that we liked.”

“A fabric building was more economical, and the conventional buildings just didn’t have the light we were looking for,” said Tom. “The ventilation and light in fabric buildings are good for the hogs, and the people working in the hog barn.”

Tom chose a 72’ x 200’ fabric building hog barn from Britespan, and worked with their local experts, SpanMaster Structures Ltd. to purchase and install the building. “We chose a fabric building from Britespan because the price was good, and the customer service from Brian Sweet (local expert) was great. He helped us through a number of design and budget options long before we signed a contract.”

Today, Tom says he has definitely seen a return on investment from his fabric structure hog barn, and has seen his business improve as well. “The building has a lot more fresh air, which is good for the pigs, and the natural light has helped them grow faster.”

“I would definitely recommend a fabric building from Britespan to someone else in the same industry. It’s been a great choice for our operations.”