TRY Recycling | 80′ x 80′ Waste Storage Fabric Building

Building Size and Series: 80’ x 80’ Atlas Series Buildings

Building Use: Waste Storage Building

Overview of Business:

Located in London, Ontario, TRY Recycling has been involved in the recycling of solid non-hazardous waste since 1991. They have two site locations, and recycle a variety of construction materials, including wood, drywall, roofing, shingles, etc. TRY is also Southwestern Ontario’s largest leaf and yard materials composter.

TRY has over 1,200 customers, and handles over 150,000 tonne of incoming materials from around Ontario each year.

Rick Vandersluis, VP of Business Development at TRY Recycling, shares that they required a building to protect their materials from the elements, like rain and snow, which were increasing the water weight. “We purchased the building to minimize our cost of materials going to landfill, which is our biggest liability,” said Rick.

Rick said that Britespan’s industry experience and reputation were their main reason for choosing Britespan. “By using Britespan we had the confidence in their extensive experience, and the quality of the product. And our representative, Mike Pollard, was local to us,” said Rick.

TRY Recycling purchased an 80’ x 80’ fabric building for waste storage from Britespan. The building is built on concrete walls that were designed with the help of Britespan’s professional engineer and Mike Pollard. The walls were made to fit alongside existing walls to best utilize the current site.

“Since storing the materials in the building, we are seeing decreased weights of materials to landfill by reducing the amount of moisture. By sending less weight to landfill, we are increasing our bottom line.”

Today, TRY Recycling has already seen a significant savings since installing their building, and foresees the building paying for itself in less than two years from the time they purchased it.

“The total process with was seamless, and with Mike’s knowledge and that of the engineer and the crew, were all very helpful all along the way.”

“We would highly recommend Britespan to anyone looking for this type of structure.”

Take the virtual tour of TRY Recycling’s sites and building!