Open Pit Mine Maintenance Facility Fabric Structure

Customer name: William Day Construction (Open Pit Mine)
Building size and series: 42′ x 56′ Atlas Building Series on container foundation
Building use: Maintenance facility
Authorized Dealer: Leisure Farms Construction Ltd.
Overview of business and benefits of the building: William Day Construction (Day Construction) was looking for a portable building solution for a maintenance and heavy equipment storage building, at the open pit Hollinger mine site in Timmins Ontario. Benoit Melançon is the site manager for Day Construction overseeing the Hollinger Mine project.

Day Construction purchased a 42′ x 56′ Atlas Building Series on container foundation. “The owner of Day Construction has a Britespan building of his own, and suggested we look into purchasing a building from Britespan for the Hollinger Site as well”, says Melançon. “We chose the building from Britespan for its portability. The container foundation allows us to deconstruct and move the entire building to a new exploration site when we are finished.”

In addition to the buildings portability, the building was able to accommodate some of the more custom requirements that Day Construction needed, such as extra height and internal clearance for excavators with long arms, and for all of the heavy equipment and vehicles within the building. “We were also able to get an 18’ by 18’ door for the building, which was great for the size of equipment we kept inside. We also were able to use the container foundation for storage.”

“We had some issues with the ground settlement prior to construction. Our dealer prepared the site, levelled the ground, and ensured that everything was ready for construction. Their team organized construction of the entire project, were very knowledgeable, and the building was constructed quickly so we could get back to business as usual and start using the building. Working with them was a really great experience.”

After using their Britespan building for some time now, Day Construction says some of the other features that made a fabric building the ideal solution for their operation is the natural light and ventilation. “The natural light that floods into the building is great, and creates a safe and well-lit environment. The ventilation was important because of the fumes that can sometimes be let off from the equipment. So combine, the building allows us to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment for our crews,” says Melançon.