Fabric Buildings F.A.Q.'s

Fabric Building Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering a fabric building? Looking for to make an informative decision? Check out the list of our most frequently asked questions below. We have gathered information from our experts at Britespan to give you the information you need to know before making your choice.

If you have additional question, fill out our contact form and we will be happy to find the right answer for any of your fabric building questions.

What is a fabric building?

A fabric building is a structure that consists of a steel or aluminum frame and a tarp or woven fabric cover to enclose the structure. Fabric buildings are available in a variety of materials and quality levels, including pre-engineered fabric buildings, “off the shelf” buildings sold at local big box stores, and non-engineered structures.

All Britespan’s fabric buildings are pre-engineered to ensure building safety and structural integrity. Our fabric covers are made of UV protected woven polyethylene fabric for maximum longevity. And our steel trusses are hot dip galvanized after all welding and fabricating, to ensure lifelong corrosion protection.

How much does a fabric building cost?

Britespan provides engineered fabric buildings starting at $4 per square foot. However, there are a several variables and factors that determine the final price of your building. Consider that in addition to the building width and length, the finishes and accessories you choose will also determine your final fabric building cost, including end and side wall finishes, doors, foundation types, and interior additions like HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

It is best to speak with your local dealer and installer to ensure the most accurate building estimate.

What are the advantages of a fabric building?

Speed of construction, portable and temporary buildings, natural light and ventilation, and overall reduced maintenance costs are among the top advantages of a fabric building.

Where to buy a fabric building?

All Britespan’s pre-engineered buildings are sold through a network of authorized dealers local to our customers. Britespan believes that doing business face to face is the best practice. Our local dealer experts are professionally trained to assist you in selecting the ideal building series and customizations for your unique needs.

Our dealers provide turnkey building solutions and look after your project from concept to completion. Your building will be engineered for the local building codes, snow wind and rain loads, and all other building features you have chosen.

What are fabric buildings used for?

Our fabric buildings are ideal for all agricultural applications, and most commercial and public works building needs. Britespan fabric buildings are assembled quickly and are in full compliance with all local building ordinances. Our buildings are customizable to offer more versatility for any application.

Britespan fabric buildings offer open interiors, natural light and ventilation, corrosion resistant building components, and pre-engineered structures installed by local experts. Providing you with a structure that is ultimate in value and performance.

We believe in our buildings so much that all our own facilities operate under Britespan buildings!

How long does a fabric building last?

Fabric covered buildings are known to last for over 20 years when properly tensioned. The polyethylene covers on our fabric buildings are non-corrosive, making them an excellent fit for any building application.

If you do incur damage to your fabric building, repairs are easily done through a heat welded patch kit or replacing the damaged panel.

Compared to traditional shingles and steel roofing, replacing your fabric cover will cost a fraction of the price than replacing a shingled or steel roof.

What is the warranty on a fabric building?

Britespan offers a 20-year warranty on our steel trusses and our non-flame-retardant fabric covers, and a 15-year warranty on our flame-retardant fabric covers. Our strong warranties allow for our customers to take full advantage of the benefits that Britespan fabric buildings have to offer, while ensuring peace of mind.

Who installs my fabric building?

Our expert dealers! In as little as six weeks from the order date, our team starts the installation process. Your local dealer ensures that building codes and permits are handled for you and any additional local requirements are met as well. Once the site is ready for the structure, our dedicated team will assemble your fabric building for you quickly and efficiently.

What maintenance is required for fabric buildings?

Fabric buildings require very little maintenance. Customers are recommended to check the winch blocks yearly to ensure that the tension remains tight throughout the duration of the buildings use. When fabric buildings are installed correctly, they are rigid and durable for decades. Customers can also contact their local dealer to be setup on a yearly checkup plan to ensure that the building is kept up to standards.

Do you replace or repair fabric covers?

Absolutely. Depending on the severity of the tear in the fabric cover, you can repair it with a patch kit that is sold by your local dealer. For larger cover repairs, your local dealer will likely replace an entire panel. We also provide full building recovers.

Do you service Cover All buildings?

Yes, Britespan services all Cover All manufactured structures. If you have an old Cover All building, A new cover can make your Cover-All Building feel like a brand-new building again. Our expert installation crews work from original drawings and specifications to provide you a cover that meets or exceeds the original specifications when originally manufactured by Cover-All.

Your local dealer will also be able to provide maintenance services on your Cover All fabric building.

Does Britespan repair or replace covers on other manufacturers buildings?

Yes! Britespan offers cover repairs and replacements on all fabric buildings, no matter the manufacturer. We offer a one-year warranty on fabric covers on all non-Britespan fabric buildings.

What is the smallest building Britespan sells? The largest?

Britespan’s fabric buildings start as small as 24 feet wide and reach up to 300 feet wide. We have a variety of standard sizes in all our six different building series to meet our customers needs. Custom heights, slopes and widths are also available.

How can I customize my fabric building?

Our fabric buildings offer a variety of customization options such as; chimneys and eaves for ventilation, door options, insulation, foundation options, end and side walls and custom branding and logo printing. Britespan works hard to ensure that your building is designed to meet all your needs.

What are the advantages of a fabric roof vs a steel roof?

The main advantages of fabric roof systems include speed of construction, less maintenance, and the interior environment inside the building in comparison to steel or metal roof systems.

First, fabric roof systems are installed within days. That is a fraction of the time when compared to the time it takes a steel or metal roof to be installed. That speed of installation saves on operating delays, labor costs, and overall project timelines.

Next, fabric covers have longer lifespans and require less maintenance. Fabric covers are known to last for over 20 years, with no repair or replacement required if kept tensioned.

And of course, fabric covers let in plenty of natural daylight, saving on utility costs. They improve ventilation and airflow, are non-corrosive, and have UV protection.

Are there financing options for fabric buildings?

There absolutely are! You can finance, lease to own, or purchase your fabric building through a variety of financial institutions and lenders. It is important to understand what purchasing process is right for you, and the advantages of cash purchases versus leasing to own or financing.