Why Fabric Buildings

Trying to decide on the best solution for your shelter or storage building needs? An investment in an engineered fabric building by Britespan delivers the ultimate in value and performance. Whether permanent or portable, Britespan fabric buildings are long-lasting, versatile, economical and easy to maintain. They’re naturally bright, cooler in summer and warmer in winter, easy to ventilate and they won’t corrode like metal or rot like wood structures. And they go up in a hurry in full compliance with all local building ordinances.

For you, that means a higher ROI with less maintenance and greater peace of mind.

Advantage, Britespan

Nothing is left to chance or the whims of nature. Tested, proven processes and materials help ensure the success of your Britespan experience, including: engineering and design options tailored to your specific needs and building site, nonconductive properties of our proprietary fabrics, corrosion-resistant framing and hardware, installation by local experts.

Regardless of your application, the wide-open space within your Britespan building will be naturally well-lit thanks to our remarkable translucent fabric. This material creates a shadow-free workspace and eliminates daytime lighting expense. Contrary to what you might think, our fabric is more airtight than metal or wood structures, reducing heat loss during cold months while remaining naturally cool when nature turns up the thermostat.

We’ve Got You Covered

Check out examples of Britespan buildings in action in your industry or application:

Engineered vs. Designed

Britespan engineered fabric buildings offer many advantages over other designed fabric buildings. We offer custom solutions for your specific needs, including your site location and other important considerations, such as: local building codes, local environmental conditions like snow load or wind, occupancy and protection, insurance requirements—our buildings are insurable.

Our experience and hands-on attention to every detail help make your choice of fabric buildings clear. Britespan!

What Will All This Quality and Peace of Mind Cost?

If your equipment, products, materials or animals are important to you, an engineered fabric building is not an expense, it is an investment. An engineered building gives you piece of mind that your building is SAFE, secure and strong.

Britespan provides engineered fabric buildings starting at $4 per square foot.*

*This is not an estimate. All buildings are individually priced.

Building prices will vary depending on your local snow, wind and rain loads. These environmental considerations will determine how many trusses your engineered building needs to withstand the loads. In addition to the building width and length, the finishes and accessories you choose will also determine your final fabric building cost, including end and side wall finishes, doors, foundation types, and interior additions like HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

Your building is a major investment, and you take it seriously. So do we. Trust Britespan to deliver the perfect building solution for your exact needs, along with great service and unmatched ROI.

Speak with your local fabric building expert to learn more about the right building solution for your business or operation.

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Calculate Your Britespan Building Size

Use the calculator below to find out the total square footage of your Britespan Building.

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