Back in the day choices of building materials were limited, while barns and metal storage buildings took a long time. Not to mention the associated costs of labor and downtime. Today, fabric storage buildings, often referred to as coverall, Clear span or hoop buildings, offer proven advantages over traditional metal storage buildings.

Whether it’s a temporary or permanent storage building that you need, Britespan fabric buildings are extremely versatile. They go up quickly in full compliance with local building ordinances and are easy to maintain. Further, our fabric buildings won’t corrode like metal buildings or rot like wood ones.

They are ideal for farm buildings and large commercial and municipal buildings because they’re naturally bright inside, cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and easy to maneuver heavy equipment. Our clear span designs give maximum storage space for endless products from salt and sand to equipment, commodities and waste and recycling.

Check out examples of Britespan buildings in action in your industry or application:

Custom Engineered Solutions

Britespan pre-engineered buildings offer many advantages over other designed fabric storage buildings. Our custom solutions incorporate your specific site location, local building codes, local weather loads, occupancy and protection, and insurance requirements — yes, our buildings are insurable.

Our experience and hands-on attention to every detail help make Britespan the easy choice in prefabricated column free storage buildings.

Superior Construction of Metal Trusses

Nothing is left to chance with Britespan. Our methods are tested and our proprietary fabrics, corrosion-resistant steel trusses and hardware are proven to last. With clear span interiors, fabric storage buildings are quickly becoming the preferred choice for industries like aviation, outdoor events and sports and recreation. Our farm buildings, storage barns and warehouse structures give you maximum usable space with well-lit interiors.

Contrary to what you might think, our fabric is more airtight than metal buildings or wood structures, reducing energy loss.

Cost-Effective Fabric Structures

When it comes to steel frame fabric storage buildings, you want something affordable and dependable. Fabric structures are less expensive than traditional metal buildings. Our pre-engineered and prefabricated buildings are professionally installed in a short amount of time on your choice of foundations.

If you get piles of snow in the north or lots of wind from the west, Britespan has your back. Building prices vary depending on your local weather loads. These environmental considerations determine how many steel trusses your pre-engineered building needs to withstand what heads your way. In addition to the fabric building width and length, the finishes and accessories you choose also determine your final cost, including end and side wall finishes, doors, foundation types, and interior additions like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

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Calculate Your Britespan Building Size

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