Over the past few decades, steel-framed fabric buildings have continued to evolve into innovative and versatile building solutions for just about every building application and sector including, municipal and public works, commercial storage, and agriculture. Some common building applications include prefab barns for cattle, equipment storage, and hay barns, commercial warehouses, and prefabricated storage buildings.

Typically, most of us are under the impression that long-lasting, durable, and structurally sound buildings have to be conventional: metal or steel, brick, and mortar, etc. Fabric structures, often referred to as tarp buildings, hoop barns, or coverall buildings have largely been seen in agriculture with the stigma that they are only for agricultural applications, and that they are more of a temporary building style.

There are fabric building manufacturers across the world, but not all structures are of equal quality. From building materials, manufacturing processes, engineering, and even installs, each building manufacturer will have its own standards of quality, which ultimately determine how they stack up to a conventional structure.

Britespan's fabric buildings are fully engineered, use the highest quality building materials, and undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure every structure is built to stand the test of time.

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Engineered Structures

Engineering is an important component for all buildings and structures. Every single building that leaves Britespan's distribution yard is engineered to meet local building codes, occupancy, and site-specific weather loads; snow, wind, rain, etc. Britespan's dedicated team of technical designers and engineers ensure that our customers can have peace of mind their fabric building is reliable and strong. And, our buildings are fully insurable.

Corrosion Protection

With any steel or metal building, corrosion protection is essential in building longevity and integrity. Britespan uses only post-production, hot-dip galvanized steel trusses and components in our buildings. This means that galvanizing is done after all welding and fabrication have been completed. When trusses are galvanized before welding and fabrication, the galvanized coating is burnt off, which will inevitably lead to corrosion and truss deterioration. What's more, hot-dip galvanizing as a process permeates the pores of the steel, creating lifelong adhesion and protection.

Fabric Covers

Britespan's woven polyethylene NovaShield Elite fabric covers provide strength and resistance to last for over 25 years. These high-performing covers have ArmorKote™ film on the exterior surface, are offered in flame retardant, have enhanced UV protection for long service life, and provide high abrasion resistance as well as cold crack resistance.

Where steel and metal buildings hold moisture and humidity, the natural ambient light, calm acoustics, and air circulation inside a Britespan fabric building have advantages in every building application.  And you'll never have to worry about rusting or corroding roofs, screws, or washers. If you need to replace a single panel or even an entire cover on your fabric building, the cost savings are substantial.

Building Versatility

One of the biggest advantages of a steel-framed fabric building? The column-free interiors and clear-span cubic storage. The most common feedback we get from our customers in every sector is that the open floor plan allowed them to create a layout that improved their operating efficiency, gave them versatility for changes to their business down the road, and created more capacity in the same footprint by taking advantage to the interior height. Growing your business and investing in a structure for your operations is a big decision. When you choose a fabric building from Britespan, you are choosing a building that has the versatility to grow and change as your operations do.

Prefabricated & Custom

Britespan engineers and has stocked inventory of over 50 different prefabricated buildings in six different building profiles. But our specialty is customized design and engineering. If you dream it, we can do it. We work collaboratively with our customers, their local installer, and our engineering and design teams to draft the perfect building solution. From custom components like eaves, doors, building height, slopes, you name it! Your local installer will also help you map out custom requirements like interior loading docs, conveyors, bins, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and more.

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