Atlas Building Series

Atlas Series

Available from 24' - 108' wide, the Atlas Building Series defines the traditional look of fabric covered buildings. Popular applications include barns, agricultural equipment storage buildings, commercial warehouses and storage buildings.

The Rigid Beam series is an I-Beam style truss building, allowing for customized fabric structures.

Rigid Beam

The Rigid Beam series is an I-beam style truss building that is completely customizable and allows for structures up to 300’ wide, wide open. It is optimal for buildings larger than 200’ wide, including large aircraft hangars, tall seed cleaning plants, indoor recreation facilities, any buildings that requires gantry cranes and more.

Epic Series buildings are fabric structures that are popular for dairy buildings.

Epic Series

Available from 80' to 120' wide, the Epic Building Series has the look of a traditional building and all the benefits of a fabric building: natural light, superior ventilation, and no interior columns. A popular style for dairy buildings, the Epic’s straight wall design offers flexibility of door locations and sidewall features.

The Genesis Building Series is suited to a variety of commercial and industrial uses for fabric buildings.

Genesis Series

The Genesis Building Series is well suited to a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including salt and sand storage buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, dairy barns and equine riding arenas. Available from 80′ wide to 200′ wide, with a clear span interior, Genesis buildings offer a large amount of covered but unobstructed space for your operations.

The Apex Building Series; fabric buildings that maximize usable space with tall side walls.

Apex Series

The Apex Building Series maximizes interior usable space thanks to its tall side walls. Available from 53' to 100' wide, the slightly curved roof profile, sharp peak and standard sidewall legs give the Apex style and character, without sacrificing functionality.

Easy Access fabric buildings are often used for crops, feed, equipment or vehicle storage.

Easy Access

From 38' to 67' wide, the Easy Access Building Series covers your most valuable products while allowing unprecedented access. With this style, you can orient openings—up to an entire side of the building—to maximize traffic flow and access. Easy Access buildings are often used for crop, feed, equipment, and vehicle storage.