Coverall Building Repairs & Replacements

Does your old coverall building look like it’s seen better days — faded, damaged, or in need of some TLC? We see thousands of fabric buildings just like this. They've done their job, endured some harsh conditions, but they're looking tired. Britespan's team of expert authorized dealers and installers can bring new life to your old coverall building! A new cover, doors, end walls, and sidewalls — you name it! We even repair your existing fabric structure if needed.

Coverall Building Roof Replacement, Britespan Fabric Buildings

Building recovers

A new cover can make your coverall building look and feel like a brand-new building again. Our expert installation crews work from original drawings and specifications to provide you with a cover that meets or exceeds the original specifications when originally manufactured by Cover-All.

Coverall Building Repairs, Britespan Fabric Buildings

Coverall repairs

Whether you require a patch kit, a new panel, or a building extension, work with your local installer to get your fabric building in tip-top shape again.

Coverall Building Maintenance, Britespan Fabric Buildings

Building maintenance

Turn to Britespan for proper maintenance of your Coverall building. You’ll receive a thorough inspection of your building’s steel framework and building components such as winches, cables, and straps. We will recommend replacements where necessary.

Work with Your Local Expert

Have the wood posts on your building begun to rot, or became damaged in a windstorm? We see this a lot with older fabric buildings. That’s why we engineered our steel post I-beam leg series, proprietary to Britespan. When your building and trusses are built on an all-steel leg system, you’ll never have to worry about rotting wood, broken, or snapped legs from windstorms, or the integrity of your building being compromised. Britespan has reconstructed countless older fabric buildings on new I-beam steel legs. A new cover and these old fabric buildings look brand-new, with decades of service life ahead of them.

If you have an old coverall building or fabric building from another manufacturer that needs some work, we’re here to help. Britespan provides a variety of services to fabric building owners across North America. Here are a few ways you can update your existing fabric building:

  • Building additions and extensions
  • Add accessories like curtains, chimneys, etc.
  • New doors or openings

Britespan’s expert authorized dealers and installers are local to our customers, and ready to come up with some innovative solutions to bring your coverall building back to life.