Eaves direct snow and rain away from fabric buildings and fabric structures.


Adding eaves to your fabric building can provide the traditional structure look, but also offers a number of building benefits. Eaves will direct snow and rain away from your fabric structure, but they will also allow you to install livestock feed bunks on the outside of your building. Feed is covered and protected from the elements, and maximizes your interior space. Britespan offers standard 2 foot and 5 foot eave packages.

Chimneys improve ventilation in fabric buildings and fabric structures.


Add a chimney to exhale warm air and moisture, increase ventilation and improve air exchange.

Locations for doors can be specified for any of Britespan's fabric buildings and fabric structures.


Building access, whether it is for personnel or for vehicle, equipment and machinery, is an integral part of your business operations and an important factor to the design requirements of your fabric building. Door size, location and opening style are all key considerations and should be included in the engineering of your fabric structure before it leaves the manufacturing plant. With all of our building series, door locations can be specified into building end walls and building sides to permit the proper traffic flow.

There are many options for the foundations in Britespan fabric buildings and fabric structures.


One of the most important ways Britespan ensures the best fabric building solution for our customers is by offering structures that can either be permanent, temporary, or entirely portable. This is achieved by offering a number of foundation options including concrete, pre-cast foundations, steel I-beams, helical anchors, and more. Site specific reactions are provided with every fabric building allowing us to engineer the right foundation options for your project.

Curtains are easy to install in Britespan fabric buildings and fabric structures.


Curtains are easy to install and provide increased ventilation, which in livestock buildings can improve herd health.

Fabric buildings with insulation are ideal for oil and gas, mining and other commercial applications.


Britespan has constructed hundreds of fabric structures that require insulation, from retail markets, aircraft hangars, and maintenance and repair facilities. Your authorized dealer will be able to provide information on a number of insulation options for your fabric structure, as well as install methods.

Britespan fabric buildings and fabric structures can be customized with branding and logo printing.

Branding & Logo Printing

Incorporate your logo, graphics and color scheme into the design of your fabric structure. Britespan fabric buildings can be made uniquely your own and increase the exposure of your business, company or organization. Add custom decals to the roof, end or side walls of your building, nothing it too big or small! Decals can be installed in our fabric facility before building construction begins, or after building construction is complete.

Britespan fabric covers for fabric buildings are made of IPG NovaShield membrane structure fabric.

Fabric Covers

All of Britespan's fabric covers are made of IPG NovaShield membrane structure fabric. Customize your building by choosing from a variety of colours for covers, end flaps and end walls. Enhanced UV protection, high strength to weight ratio and an exclusive polyethylene coating provide maximum strength and a longer service life. Fabric covers are 12 oz per square yard in weight, and 23 millimeters thick. Britespan offers a 16 year pro-rata warranty for Non-FR fabric and a 10 year pro-rata warranty for FR fabric.