Prefab Barns and Farm Buildings for Your Unique Agricultural Operations

Britespan's farm buildings provide the best environment for livestock, with fresh air and natural light ideal for cattle barns and a healthier herd. Storing equipment, machinery, or crops? The column-free interiors inside our prefab barns easily allow you to maneuver large equipment and store more commodities in a smaller footprint. The open-concept floorplans make for flexible design and barn layouts. And the sound-absorbing fabric covers provide calm acoustics in your dream riding arena or horse barn. Perfect for riders and horses to ride year-round.

All our structures are site-specific engineered to local weather loads. Our steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized after all fabrication for superior corrosion resistance, and our fabric covers are non-corrosive! All of this to give you peace of mind your farm building will stand the test of time.

Cattle hoop barns

From small hobby farms to larger commercial operations with 500+ head of cattle, we have the fabric structure for you. With column-free interiors, a Britespan fabric building for beef cattle offers a completely open floor plan to maximize space and functionality.
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Dairy cattle barns

Britespan's cattle barns create the ideal environment for your dairy cattle. Superior airflow and ventilation help keep your barn dry by decreasing the moisture and humidity that can cause several ailments, while open floorplans provide design flexibility.
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Horse barns

Fabric buildings make the perfect horse barn or indoor riding arena. The ambient natural light and gentle acoustics eliminate shadows and noise that can spook horses. Ventilation and airflow reduce moisture to allow for fresh air, even on the hottest days of summer.
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Sheep barns

Our sheep barns provide completely open floor plans and a column-free interior. Customize your sheep barn to your unique specifications and have the freedom to change your barn layout down the road. Store your feed, hay, and equipment inside as well!
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Goat shelters

Goat farming made easy! Britespan offers versatile fabric buildings that accommodate everything you need from goat shelters to milking parlors and machines, even equipment and feed storage. Increase milk production and improve herd health.
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Hay barns and equipment storage

Column-free interiors and additional cubic storage height allow farm operators to store more hay and crops in the same building footprint, while easily maneuvering large equipment, machinery, and hay bale conveyors.
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Fabric Buildings vs Pole Barns

When compared to a pole barn or wood building, Britespan's fabric buildings are a clear choice:

  • Stocked inventory for faster delivery
  • Constructed in a fraction of the time
  • Ambient natural light and an abundance of fresh air and ventilation
  • Column-free interiors for floor plan flexibility and versatility
  • Plenty of cubic height for storage and maneuvering large equipment and vehicles

The natural ambient light inside a Britespan fabric building makes for a great environment for livestock and operators alike. And the fresh air and ventilation reduce airborne illness common in conventional barns that hold in moisture and humidity. No interior columns allow you to create the floor plan you need and even change it down the road. Unobstructed cubic square footage stores more commodities in a smaller footprint. Our buildings have lower maintenance and repair costs and are known to last up to 50 years!