Farmers Trust Britespan Hoop Buildings for Maximum Protection in Every Season

It happens. Predators find a way inside farm buildings through dilapidated walls or gates and attack your animals. To avoid disasters, you need a barn that protects your investments. Britespan hoop buildings create safe environments for livestock with strong tension fabric and hot-dip galvanized steel trusses that are pre-engineered to precise standards.

Agricultural crops also require sound storage barns to avoid the elements after harvesting. Farmers work hard to meet customer demands and the last thing you need is a structural leak causing costly damage

Healthy Environments Sustain Profits

Maintain comfortable temperatures inside your Britespan fabric barn where consistent airflow creates a calming, productive environment. Natural sunlight flows through the walls and ceiling, while our woven polyethylene covers block harmful UV rays from damaging your stored crops.

Whether you run a cattle farm or deal with commodities, your operation will thrive with our hoop buildings.

Maximize Storage with Clear Span Interior

The best storage barn is the one with wide open space to freely configure as you please. Set up stalls, storage and supply areas without interior columns getting in the way. Our prefabricated hoop buildings are engineered with rigid steel trusses and span up to 300 or more feet wide and to any length.

Britespan’s steel frame system can support suspended equipment to give you even more floor space.


Fabric Farm Buildings Avoid Damaging Corrosion

Metal buildings that come into contact with fertilizers, humidity, chemicals and other elements eventually deteriorate. Avoid annoying corrosion with fabric farm buildings that are tested against all sorts of deterrents.

Britespan steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized after completing fabrication to prevent rusting. Even in the harshest environments, all of our steel frame fabric buildings provide lifelong corrosion resistance and maximum durability. Stop corrosion and save money with a Britespan fabric storage barn.

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