Choose a Fabric Structure for Your Next Commercial Storage Building

When planning your next commercial warehouse, general storage building, or salt storage dome, Britespan’s fabric buildings provide the most versatile efficient solution. Our prefabricated buildings are engineered and available in widths from 24 feet to 200 feet wide, to any length. No interior columns offer an open floor plan that allows the flexibility to create the best layout for your operations. Fully customizable, outfit your building with insulation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, doors of all styles and sizes, even offices and washroom facilities!

All our buildings are uniquely engineered to your specific building use and local weather loads. And because our fabric buildings are modular, they can easily act as portable or temporary buildings. Relocate your building to another site or repurpose it for another use. You’ll have peace of mind your structure will stand the test of time. Our steel trusses are all hot-dip galvanized after all fabrication is complete, to prevent rusting and corrosion on the outside and the inside of the truss. And our fabric covers are non-corrosive, best for harsh environments like salt sheds, fertilizer and commodity storage, and machinery warehouses.

Warehousing and equipment storage

Extraordinary height and clearance inside our fabric buildings make them perfect for machinery and warehouse buildings, and equipment storage. Easily maneuver large vehicles and equipment inside the building without worrying about the pesky columns.
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Bulk commodity storage

Air circulation and ventilation make Britespan buildings perfect for the harsh environments inside composting facilities and fertilizer storage buildings. And the cubic storage allows for more grain storage in a smaller footprint!
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Airplane hangars

Whether or are storing large commercial planes and jets, or small personal helicopters, our fabric buildings will accommodate your every need. Include doors of all styles and sizes, insulation if required, even HVAC!
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Events and recreation

Our prefab buildings are designed and engineered to meet all site-specific weather loads and occupancy, so you can have peace of mind your structure will stand safe and strong under any condition. Keep your building up year-round or erect them for seasonal events.
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Military structures

Our buildings are prefabricated and ready to ship, providing faster delivery and installation. What’s more, tension fabric structures are classified as equipment, not property, avoiding the lengthy MILCON process.
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Watercraft storage

The extraordinary clearance and unobstructed interiors make it easy to store and service watercrafts of any size. Ideal for seasonal storage and warehousing, these engineered structures allow marinas to provide storage and service solutions year-round.
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Fabric Buildings vs Steel or Metal Buildings

When compared to a metal building or conventional brick and mortar building, Britespan's fabric buildings are a clear choice:

  • Stocked inventory for faster delivery
  • Constructed in a fraction of the time
  • Ambient natural light and an abundance of fresh air and ventilation
  • Column-free interiors for floor plan flexibility and versatility
  • Plenty of cubic height for storage and maneuvering large equipment and vehicles

The natural ambient light inside a Britespan fabric building makes for a great environment, perfect for covered event centers and arenas, and shadow-free operating for workers inside warehouse buildings or other facilities. Our buildings have lower maintenance and repair costs, and are known to last up to 50 years!