Britespan pre-engineers durable steel frame fabric buildings with tear-resistant fabric covers for DOT storage buildings, recycling centers, sports arenas and other municipalities. These clear span buildings stand strong for decades and function as either permanent or portable fabric buildings for easy relocation.

Tension Fabric Clear Span Buildings are Cost Effective

Britespan are clear span fabric structures that are less expensive than traditional metal or wood buildings and offer energy savings thanks to durable woven fabric that provides natural light.

Fabric Buildings Are:

  • 20% Less Expensive Than Conventional Metal Buildings

  • Stay 15-20 Degrees Cooler in Summer and 15-20 Degrees Warmer in Winter

  • Offer Wide Open Interiors Up to 300 Feet Wide

Britespan Benefits are Clear

Quick Construction - While they’re built to last, Britespan’s fabric buildings are installed in less time and with less manpower than conventional metal structures.

Customization - Our fabric buildings come in a range of sizes, colors and styles and are able to support optional structures, including hangar doors, conveyors, HVAC systems and cranes.

Excellence in Engineering - All Britespan fabric buildings are engineered to meet or exceed local building codes and weather requirements for wind, snow and rain.

High Clearance - Optimal operating height allows you to maximize cubic storage space and allows for easier maneuverability of equipment.

Unobstructed Space - Easily maneuver heavy equipment, vehicles, conveyors and loaders in the natural bright and column free storage building.

Corrosion Resistance - Steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication to avoid corrosion from salt and moisture.

ECO-Friendly - Britespan uses environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Fabric coverall buildings allow daylight to enter, minimizing the use of lighting and stabilizing interior temperatures.

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