Why Choose Fabric over Metal?

Know the Facts about Fabric

Choosing the right building is essential to the success of your operation. You have a lot to consider from walls and roof types to upkeep and future expansions. Britespan helps building owners make the right choice the first time with fabric buildings. The same proven engineering principles apply to all rigid framed buildings so you can trust that ours will stand the test of time. The leading difference is in our fabric structures that outperform conventional steel or metal storage buildings with several advantages.


Britespan Fabrics Buildings Top Advantages:

  • Longer Overall Lifespan

  • Speed of Installation

  • Energy Efficient Environment

  • Less Maintenance and Repairs


Durable Fabric Buildings Have Long Lifespans

Steel-framed fabric structures are known to last for over 50 years. And tension fabric covers often last 20+ years without requiring repairs or recovering. The polyethylene covers are non-corrosive, making them ideal for agriculture, commercial and municipal building storage. Rusting will never be a problem in a pre-engineered fabric building that has been hot-dip galvanized after fabrication is complete.

Fabric buildings use strong covers that are tensioned over steel trusses without using a single screw to puncture the roof and start corrosion.

Metal roof sellers may boast longevity, but their warranties exclude most agricultural storage barns and any commercial ones that store materials deemed as corrosive. That includes a long list of materials like salt, fertilizer, animal excrement, trash, recycling and environments with excessive humidity or moisture.

Install Fabric Buildings Faster

 On average, traditional metal storage buildings can take twice as long as fabric buildings to complete. Waiting for that metal building to get done can cut into your profits with increased labor costs and downtime. It’s possible to do the foundation, framework assembly, siding and roof covering in three weeks compared to six weeks or more to put up a steel building.

With fabric buildings, there are no tiny screws and fasteners to consume construction time. Britespan fabric is pulled over the steel frame’s trusses in less time then installing multiple sheets on metal buildings.

You also get Britespan’s professional team to help guide you through the process from start to finish. Watch how another customer quickly installed a fabric building.

Natural Light for The Best Environment

If you haven’t stepped into a Britespan fabric building yet, you’re missing the comfort and illumination that comes from our high-grade fabric as it blocks out direct sunbeams.  Metal storage buildings with a steel roof create dark interiors and poor ventilation. Plus, they require the upkeep and expense of a lighting system. Let nature do its job with fabric covers that bring in natural light and create shadow-free interiors well into the evening. At night, the reflective properties of the fabric building disperse light from other sources, saving on energy costs.

Conventional steel buildings tend to hold more moisture inside, while the large interior airspace in a fabric building draws moisture up and away from livestock or stored materials. Britespan’s customers have reported cooler, drier environments and more fresh air inside their fabric buildings when compared to their old conventional metal storage buildings. Additionally, fabric covers have UV protection and flame retardant properties.

The natural light and ventilation associated with a fabric building improve heard health, breeding cycles and daily gains in livestock.

Less Maintenance

Every building requires upkeep, yet some can have more over time than what you bargained for. Fabric structures require very little maintenance and if you accidentally get a hole in the fabric, there’s a patch kit for fast, easy repairs.

Replacement parts on metal buildings are expensive compared with fabric buildings. Coverall fabric panels or entire covers are easily replaced. Since it’s naturally inert to corrosion, fabric will never rust. You can expect decades of hassle-free use out of your Britespan fabric structure.


We’ve Got You Covered

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