Fabric Barns for Beef and Livestock

As a beef farmer, your primary goal is to raise healthy cattle, minimizing loss of animals while making a profit. The best solution for a healthier, more robust herd of beef cattle is a well-ventilated, open structure with plenty of natural light. Britespan pre-engineer custom fabric structures that are an excellent alternative to traditional barns. Our spacious floor plans allow for even and consistent airflow, which means a cleaner environment while minimizing airborne pathogens and respiratory ailments. We create ideal living conditions for beef cattle with ample natural light and superior space, allowing for healthier cattle.

Our custom fabric structures are an outstanding fit for any farmer. Beef cattle will excel within this barn, and the thermally non-conductive properties of our covers will ensure warmer winter months and cooler summer temperatures. Britespan’s airy structures cut down on humidity and unwanted moisture, which is prevalent in cattle. The comfort and heartiness of your cattle are in direct correlation to their ability to naturally put on weight. A heavier beef cow means more profits for you.

Our fabric buildings are available up to 300 feet wide, easily accommodate a variety of door sizes and add two-foot and five-foot eaves to cover feed bunks. Britespan’s custom fabric beef barn will easily accommodate any facility or equipment needed to manage your beef herd, like:

  • Integrated chimneys
  • Curtains
  • Vents
  • Feed bunks
  • Troughs
  • And more

Alternative Structures for your Farm

Britespan’s fabric livestock barns and structures are a cost-effective alternative to traditional barns. With the added health benefits and natural weight gain our buildings encourage, there is less need for antibiotics and medical treatments. There is a lot of flexibility that comes with our open structures because there are no interior columns. You can arrange the floor plan as you need to maximize space for animal husbandry, create niche areas for storage or quadrants to section off part of your herd.

  • Beef Cattle Barns - Britespan is ideal for small herds as well as commercial beef cattle farms. Our structures keep cattle comfortable all year long.
  • Cattle Shed - We can erect fabric cattle sheds in your remote fields to store feed and protect your herd from the elements.
  • Cow & Calf Barns - Britespan’s fabric structures are perfect for optimal calf and heifer health. Properly ventilated barns with ample natural light ensures better beef.
  • Feedlots And Finishing Barns - Keep your feed dry throughout the season with a climate controlled fabric building. Our custom finishing barns can be built to your specifications.
  • Livestock Shelters - The options we provide for fabric structures enables you to create the building you want for your livestock.
  • Farm Buildings - You can successfully modernize your operations with our customizable fabric buildings. Britespan can build structures for whatever needs you have for your farm.

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Haines Beef Feedlot

90’ x 500’ Fabric Building Beef Barn

John Haines talks about how the average gains of their 700+ head cattle increased by 20% and their labor has been reduced by half!


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