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Fabric Barns for Beef Cattle

When your beef cattle are healthy, herd maintenance is a straightforward process. Keeping your herd in top condition is easily achievable with the right housing structure. Britespan fabric buildings are an excellent solution for today’s beef and cattle farmers. Our fabric barns are customizable to include the features you need to be successful. Our price-point will allow you to add some extra options you want too. When you need to construct a new beef cattle barn on your property, look to Britespan to expand your farming operations.

The Benefits of a Britespan Fabric Beef Barn

Whether you have a small forty animal herd or run a larger commercial operation, the health and wellbeing of your beef cattle are crucial to the success of your farm. Britespan fabric buildings meet the demands of today’s cattle ranches. We know the concerns that the beef and cattle industry face, and we aim to provide solutions to meet the challenges and streamline your operations effectively.

Airflow in a cattle barn is essential for temperature control and animal health. Britespan fabric buildings have open-span interiors that promote airflow. Compost bedding pack and the cows themselves expel heat, so regardless of the season, you need to regulate the internal temperature of the barn quickly. With the addition of chimneys, vents, fans, and automatic ventilation curtains in your Britespan fabric building, air moves through the cattle barn more efficiently.

Britespan buildings have open, clear-span space, so the interior of your fabric barn doesn’t have internal columns to contend with. Your cattle can move about freely and lay down to rest with plenty of space. An open interior with customizable heights and lengths allows you to maneuver machinery and equipment through the barn easily. Whether you’re feeding or filling feed bunks, or aerating the compost bedding back, there’s plenty of space for tractors.

Fabric barns let in natural light, which is a great benefit to the beef cattle. It promotes activity and increased body scores of the animals. Natural lighting allows the cows to follow a normal day-night cycle. Increased natural light also encourages a more predictable breeding season. Our clear-span interiors, along with ample lighting, is ideal for working in. It also allows you to see your cattle and easily spot any animals that may be experiencing difficulties.

When you look at the fabrication and engineering of a Britespan building, you will notice our steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized. This feature extends the life of your fabric beef barn significantly. Hot-dipped galvanized steel is virtually rust proof, which is crucial because of the amount of ammonia, urine, water and general moisture encountered in any livestock barn.

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Britespan fabric buildings are not only an animal housing facility, but they are also a business investment and operational management tool as well. We have engineered a customizable structure that meets the demands of cattle ranching with an outstanding ROI. Herd health is the primary goal that allows you to turn around and sell robust and healthy cattle when the time comes. When you need to construct a new beef cattle barn on your property, contact Britespan. Your local dealer works with you to create the facility you need.

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