Fabric Beef Cattle Barns for a Healthy Productive Herd

A Cattle Barn for Every Size Operation

Easily customizable, our prefabricated barns are available up to 300-feet wide and accommodate any cattle barn layouts or ideas you have. From small hobby farms to larger commercial operations with 500+ head of cattle, we have the fabric structure for you. With column-free interiors, a Britespan fabric building for beef cattle offers a completely open floor plan to maximize space and functionality. Add all of the equipment and accessories you would like, such as:

  • Integrated chimneys
  • Retractable curtains and eaves
  • Covered outside feed bunks to maximize interior square footage
  • Gating and pens

Haines Beef Feedlot

Haines Feed Farm | John and Bill Haines

John and Bill Haines own and operate a beef feedlot of over 700+ head of cattle. When deciding on a new cattle barn, they chose a fabric building from Britespan to operate more efficiently. Shortly after the cattle had moved into the new barn, John and Bill noticed a drastic reduction in the number of cattle they were doctoring on a daily basis. Their average gains have increased by 20% and their labor has been reduced by half!


Purebred Beef Cattle Breeders under a fabric building

Purebred breeders

You know the importance of a healthy herd and optimal body scores. With a prefab barn from Britespan, you will be providing the best environment for your herd, helping to produce genetically superior females and herd bulls.


Cow/calf producers

Keeps cows and calves comfortable in a dry, well-ventilated cattle shelter. Divide your barn into separate pens for different calving dates and make transitions in the barn easy with flexible gating systems.

A Beef Cattle Feedlot Operators in a Fabric Buildings

Feedlot operators

The right barn style can help you increase overall gain and run a more efficient process. The controlled environment inside a Britespan fabric building maintains feed quality, resulting in a consistent diet. And the excellent ventilation reduces airborne illness to almost zero, requiring fewer cattle to be doctored.

Versatile Livestock Barns | Healthier Cattle

When you’re running a beef farm, you want every advantage to guarantee success. The right cattle barn with well-ventilated spaces and ample natural light are key to creating ideal living conditions. Britespan’s beef barns support consistent airflow for a cleaner environment that minimizes airborne pathogens and respiratory ailments. Proper ventilation of cattle shelters is vital to raising a healthy, productive herd.

Britespan offers the perfect livestock barn for every segment of beef production. From breeding to feedlot and finishing barns, let us work with you to design and engineer a building that’s right for your business and your herd.

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