Commercial Commodity Storage Solutions

Britespan offers economical and versatile fabric buildings, ideal for fertilizer and composting, processing and storage, as well as other bulk storage needs. Superior ventilation maintains your commodity quality, reducing any material degradation, which minimizes loss of product, increasing your profits. A column-free interior with customizable height allows you to maximize interior storage and easily accommodate conveyors, elevators, and other heavy machinery. Our fabric buildings and building components are pre-engineered to withstand local weather conditions and are non-corrosive. We construct our buildings in a fraction of the time of traditional facilities. As a result, you have minimal downtime for your operation.

Britespan fabric buildings are the ideal choice for:

  • Bulk Fertilizer Storage - When your operations depend on fertilizer, you should consider a fabric storage structure. They’re built to preserve and give easy access to your fertilizer. Our structures are engineered with optimized efficiency, allowing us to eliminate interior columns. With so much storage space, you’ll be able to increase your productivity.
  • Grain Storage - Having a proper place to store your grain is essential. A main issue is figuring out how to eliminate the least amount of waste, and that’s where Britespan comes in. Our fabric storage solutions are just the ideal way of storing your grain. With our structures, you’ll have optimal storage to keep your grain and move in and out of your space with ease.
  • Feed Storage - For those who keep livestock, a fabric storage structure is an excellent way to store feed for your livestock. It will keep it out of the elements and it gives you the space you need to store it and move it out.
  • Composting Facilities
  • Salt Storage - Salt needs to be stored properly away from the elements. Additionally, salt can be highly corrosive, but with Britespan’s fabric storage solutions, you won’t need to worry. The steel used to support your structure is hot-dip galvanize, so it won’t rust or deteriorate.

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Michigan Sugar Commodity Building

190’ x 594’ Beet Storage Building

This colossal fabric structure is part of Britespan's Genesis 6 building series with widths up to 200 feet wide. This fabric structure for commodity storage and has a total of 112,860 square feet!


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