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Fabric Calf Barns

Calf barns promote better health in your animals while streamlining the care and maintenance of the calves, improving the efficiency and productivity of your farm. Whether you’re a dairy or beef farmer, calf barns are increasing in popularity for modern herd care. A Britespan fabric building is an excellent option for your new calf barn.

The Advantages of a Britespan Fabric Barn

Getting your calves off on the right start is crucial for their long-term health and productivity. As more and more studies are conducted about the best way to rear calves into cows, conventional ideas are being replaced with methods that produce better cows. And better cows are what every dairy farmer want. Britespan fabric buildings meet the demands of this evolving industry with customizable options.

Britespan buildings are engineered to widths of up to 300 feet and any length you need. Our clear-span interior means there are no interior columns to contend with like in traditional barns. This benefit enables you to utilize every square foot to your advantage. Adjustable hutches can be placed where needed and removed when not in use. Ample space also means that newborns in hutches can be housed under the same roof as adolescents, for a more efficient method to maintain and care for your calves.

Britespan pre-engineers our fabric barns to meet all local building codes and withstand regional weather conditions. You can operate a year-round facility and minimize cold weather working conditions with a Britespan fabric calf barn. Our buildings let in ample natural night, which is crucial for the health and vitality of calves. A bright and airy interior allows the calves to play and rest as they like.

Our custom flooring options allow you to choose a floor that will meet the needs of your farm. The appropriate floor will enable easy distribution, aeration and cleaning of bedding. The proper floor will allow you to completely disinfect between groups of calves.

Our customizable options and accessories include several choices like:

  • Chimneys and fans
  • Robotic milking systems
  • Automated curtains
  • Ally scrapers
  • Doors
  • And more!

The Britespan Solution for your Beef or Dairy Farm

If you are considering constructing a new calf barn on your farm, turn to Britespan. We know that questions and concerns will arise when investigating options for your new barn, so we recommend contacting your local Britespan specialist. They work with you, ensuring your needs are met.

Our construction time is a fraction of traditional barns. We can have your new fabric calf barn up and running in as little as six weeks. Britespan is your top-rated solution for fabric barns and buildings.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

Discover the best building styles and possibilities for your needs. Share your ideas with your local expert and watch your building dreams become a reality.

Your dealer will provide you with a free estimate outlining the costs for your building including installation, foundations and accessories. Ask about lease-to-own and financing options.

Building construction starts as early as six weeks from the time you order your building. All of our buildings are engineered to meet local building codes, as well as snow, wind, and rain loads.