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Fabric Compost Bedding Barns for you Dairy Herd

If you are familiar with compost barns or compost bedding pack barns, then you are aware of the advantages these housing facilities provide for your herd. Britespan fabric barns are an excellent option for compost bedding barns. If you are considering moving your cow herd to a compost bedded pack system or if you need to replace an existing barn on your property with an updated, efficient facility, we invite you to learn more about the solutions Britespan has to offer.

The Benefits of a Britespan Fabric Barn

Compost bedded pack barns improve the health and production levels of dairy cows and are an easier facility to maintain for dairy farmers. Britespan fabric buildings solve many of the issues farmers face with traditional barns.

Pack bedding barns must be open with space for cows to move about freely and access their food, water and brushes easily. Cows are not restricted in their lying behavior compared to traditional stall barns, and compost barns minimize lameness and other health issues like hock lesions. Britespan fabric barns have spacious, free-span interiors and are customizable to fit the needs of your dairy farm and cattle herd. Because our buildings are free of interior columns, there is ample room for the cows to move around and lay down as they please. Our fabric barns are perfect for loose housing facilities because the resting and exercising areas are combined, mimicking pasture life, which is a more natural and healthy environment for your dairy herd.

Whether you use sawdust or straw, compost bedding must be worked multiple times a day for proper aeration, temperature control, and to adequately break up the pack so composting can occur. The ample space within a Britespan fabric compost bedding pack barn allows machinery to maneuver inside easily and till the bedding. Our custom door options enable you to choose any size opening and door type for equipment to enter easily and deposit fresh bedding when needed.

Composting pack barns are beneficial to your dairy heifers and produce compost for you to utilize in your fields too. Customizing options allows you to choose the flooring and exterior wall height. The addition of fans and airways aid in ventilation for the pack and cows. Fabric barns allow in abundant natural light, so they are not only well-lit but also allow your herd to follow a normal day-night cycle.

Industry Leading Innovation for Agricultural Applications

Along with herd health, Britespan fabric buildings improve the operations and running of your dairy farm, and their construction time is a fraction of a standard barn. Britespan pre-engineers our fabric buildings to meet your local building codes and weather conditions.

Contact your local Britespan specialist to learn more about our compost bedding pack barns for your dairy cow herd.

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