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Fabric Barns for your Dairy Cows

Most dairy farms don’t graze their cows as the primary source of feed. Dairy cows are typically housed in a facility year-round. For a dairy cow to produce the volume of milk the industry demands, the herd must be in optimal health. Dairy cow health begins with the best housing available. Britespan fabric buildings specialize in fabric buildings and facilities that are ideal alternatives to standard wood or steel barns. If you are considering building a new barn or need to update or refurbish an existing dairy barn, we encourage you to learn more about Britespan fabric buildings.

Reasons to Use a Britespan Building for your Dairy Farm

Cow comfort and herd health are at the forefront of any conversation concerning the beef and dairy industries. Ensuring your herd is in prime health and have top-of-the-line living conditions is crucial to milk production. Housing your herd in a facility that meets the demands of the dairy industry is easy when you install a Britespan fabric dairy barn as part of your farm.

Cows that are housed indoors encounter many health problems that dairy farmers have to handle. Dairy cows must have ample space in their barn to move around freely and lay down with ease. Britespan buildings can be as wide as 300 feet and are completely customizable in length, so they can be as long as you require. This benefit ensures you don’t need to overcrowd your herd or house them in multiple barns. The length of a Britespan barn also allows you to keep your stock, feed, bedding material, and milking parlor under one roof. With the addition of custom covered extensions on the ends of your fabric barn, you create storage for manure, farm equipment, and more.

Fabric dairy barn buildings are ideal for letting in natural light, which is another health-promoting aspect necessary for cows. Natural light allows your cows to follow a normal day-night cycle, so they do not become overstressed. Bright natural light also cuts down on your utility bills, saving you money in the long run. Adequate ventilation is no problem in a Britespan fabric barn. We can include options like automated ventilation curtains, vents, chimneys, and fans to keep air flowing throughout the structure. Proper airflow cuts down on airborne pathogens and helps to keep bedding dry.

Along with customizable lengths, Britespan fabric dairy barns have a variety of door options. We can include overhead and large rolling doors on multiple sides for easy exit and entrance to the facility. And because our fabric barns do not have internal columns, it is easy for equipment to maneuver inside quickly and efficiently.

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Dairy farming has become more intensive to keep up with demands. As the industry grows and changes, the need for dairy farms to grow and change is fundamental. Dairy advancements don’t have to be overwhelming when you turn to Britespan for your barn needs. Our fabric barns meet the demands of this ever-changing industry. What’s more, our buildings are designed for many uses, so as your needs change, your Britespan barn can adapt.

We pre-engineer our structures to exceed your regional building codes and withstand local weather conditions. Britespan buildings are erected in a fraction of the time of traditional barns, so your new facility can be up and running in as little as six weeks.

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Discover the best building styles and possibilities for your needs. Share your ideas with your local expert and watch your building dreams become a reality.

Your dealer will provide you with a free estimate outlining the costs for your building including installation, foundations and accessories. Ask about lease-to-own and financing options.

Building construction starts as early as six weeks from the time you order your building. All of our buildings are engineered to meet local building codes, as well as snow, wind, and rain loads.