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Free-Stall Housing and Barns

Free-stall barns house your cows comfortable while allowing you to adequately care for and maintain your herd. Free-stall barns must be large enough to include all major systems for proper dairy herd care. Britespan fabric buildings make an excellent solution for any cattleman looking to add a new free-stall barn to their property. Because we have so many customizable choices, we can engineer a barn that will not only meet your needs but allow us to give you the design options you want.

The Benefits of a Britespan Free-Stall Barns

Because free-stall barns house cows for extended periods of time, they must be large, open, structures with ample room for your cows to move around comfortably and rest when they want. Free-stall barns are also ideal for efficient herd maintenance and feeding. Britespan buildings can be engineered to any length you want and up to 300 feet wide. And with a column-free interior, your Britespan free-stall fabric barn has ample space to house your herd along with and feed bunks, and drinking stations. Our customizable building sizes means you can house your cows and milking parlor under one roof. The free-span interiors allow for large machinery and equipment to maneuver inside with ease, so bedding can be distributed evenly.

We pre-engineer our fabric barns to meet all regional building codes and withstand local weather conditions. This benefit allows your Britespan fabric barn to be an all-weather facility, so you can control and manage the comfort and health of your cows and heifers during inclement weather. You can also minimize drops in production because you don’t need to move your herd from one grazing location to another.

Contact Britespan for Information about Free-Stall Cow Barns

There are many options to consider when designing your free-stall fabric barn. This is why we recommend reaching out to your local Britespan expert. Our team is available to answer your questions and can schedule a design meeting to review your plans and requirements.

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Discover the best building styles and possibilities for your needs. Share your ideas with your local expert and watch your building dreams become a reality.

Your dealer will provide you with a free estimate outlining the costs for your building including installation, foundations and accessories. Ask about lease-to-own and financing options.

Building construction starts as early as six weeks from the time you order your building. All of our buildings are engineered to meet local building codes, as well as snow, wind, and rain loads.