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Fabric Barns for Housing Heifers

The ideal heifer barn is properly ventilated and comfortable for the animal. It promotes growth, provides a healthy, disease-free environment, has easy access to ample water and fresh feed, and adequate places for cows to rest. Britespan fabric buildings are an excellent option for your new heifer barn because we can customize our barns to fit your needs. With a full range of customizable options, we can design and install a top-of-the-line fabric barn in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditionally constructed facility.

Britespan Meets the Needs of your Farm

Although there may be industry similarities when it comes to the running and daily operations of your farm, we know you have unique needs and challenges. Britespan is a custom fabric barn solution that meets your needs along with many others.

Britespan buildings boast column-free interiors, allowing every square foot within the fabric barn to be utilized effectively. You can create modular sections and temporary stalls where you want, so when your needs change, you can change the layout of your heifer barn easily. Whether you group by age or by size of the cow, the ability to change the stall size means you can adjust according to the number of heifers you have, ensuring you are not overcrowding your herd.

Clear-span interiors and custom door sizes allow the entrance and easy maneuverability of large farm equipment necessary to deliver feed, and clean and maintain bedding. We can construct covered sections on the exterior of your barn to house manure, feed and equipment. Because proper ventilation is essential for a heifer barn, you have the options for automatic ventilation curtains and fan installations.

Natural lighting is essential for the health of your heifers even though they are not milking. Britespan fabric buildings allow in ample light, so your animals can follow a natural day cycle. Natural lighting also saves you the expense of having to light a dark barn.

Contact Britespan to Learn More About Heifer Barn Options

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing the type of heifer barn to construct on your property. We encourage you to contact your local Britespan fabric building dealer to learn more about our barns and fabric structures. Among the many advantages for your heifers, Britespan buildings have many customizable options that allow you to design a barn tailored to your needs. Britespan buildings are erected in as little as six weeks, so your operational downtime is minimal.

Call us today or request a heifer barn brochure to learn more.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

Discover the best building styles and possibilities for your needs. Share your ideas with your local expert and watch your building dreams become a reality.

Your dealer will provide you with a free estimate outlining the costs for your building including installation, foundations and accessories. Ask about lease-to-own and financing options.

Building construction starts as early as six weeks from the time you order your building. All of our buildings are engineered to meet local building codes, as well as snow, wind, and rain loads.