Prefab Hay Barns and Equipment Storage Barn Buildings

You work hard all season to produce high-quality hay and crops, the last thing you want is to lose that crop quality to off-season weather. All of that valuable farm equipment and machinery? Far too high of an investment to let the rain, snow, and fluctuating temperatures deteriorate equipment from not having the right storage building.

Britespan's steel-framed fabric buildings are a superior farm building choice when compared to the conventional pole barn. First, column-free interiors and additional cubic storage height allow farm operators to easily store more hay and crops in the same building footprint, while easily maneuvering large equipment and machinery, and hay bale conveyors.

Next, the airflow and ventilation inside our prefab barns help to control moisture build-up inside your hay barn or equipment storage building. This ventilation helps keeps crops dry and maintain their quality, while your equipment is at less risk for ceasing or rusting parts, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the service life of your machinery.


Why Fabric Buildings for Your Hay Storage Shed or Farm Equipment Building

Our fabric buildings are constructed with corrosion-resistant steel trusses and components made to last a lifetime, and with non-corrosive fabric covers that can last over 20 years before they need to be repaired or replaced. All of Britespan's structures are pre-engineered for local weather loads, building codes, and of course building occupancy.

The modular and flexible design of our structures gives you the freedom to choose the width, height, and length of your farm building, along with all of the additional specifications or accessories you need, including a variety of finishes for the end and sidewalls, doors, even colors to match the aesthetic of your farm.

Britespan fabric buildings are the ideal choice for:

  • Farm equipment storage buildings — Safely store your tractors, loaders, cutters, tools and more while gaining the space you need to maintain organized and efficient operations. Bright natural light without the harmful UV rays protects your investments from harmful inclement weather.
  • Hay storage shed — Store more hay in the same building footprint with clear-span interiors and more height! Prevent spoilage and decomposition in a dry atmosphere with Britespan prefabricated buildings.
  • Versatile barn buildings - Whatever your farm requires storage for, Britespan's fabric buildings fit the bill with versatile and economical solutions to improve your operations.

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Harold Martin Building Drone Tour

65’ x 120’ Hay and Equipment Storage

Have a quick birds-eye tour of Harold Martin’s clearspan hay and equipment storage building.


Featured Britespan Projects

Discover the best building styles and possibilities for your needs. Share your ideas with your local expert and watch your building dreams become a reality.

Your dealer will provide you with a free estimate outlining the costs for your building including installation, foundations and accessories. Ask about lease-to-own and financing options.

Building construction starts as early as six weeks from the time you order your building. All of our buildings are engineered to meet local building codes, as well as snow, wind, and rain loads.