Fabric Buildings for Military Use

The sturdy and expansive fabric buildings from Britespan are an excellent option for many uses in the military. We carry a variety of temporary and portable options that enable you to create a facility that meets your specific needs. Additionally, if your needs change, your Britespan building can accommodate those changes. Our fabric domes can be adapted for multiple functions and reused for different military applications. Because they are so versatile, our fabric buildings are an economical solution as well.

Because Britespan structures are not conventional, brick and mortar buildings, the process for approved purchase, ordering and constructing them is considerably shorter. We could have your military fabric building fully erected and ready for use in as little as 6 weeks.

Benefits with Britespan Fabric Buildings

The flexibility of use, financial savings, and a shorter procurement process are just a few benefits when choosing a Britespan building for your military use. Our buildings are free from interior columns, allowing you to house large equipment, vehicles, and machinery in them, as well as bulk quantities of stock, gear, and goods. Further customizable options enable your building to be a permanent structure or a temporary facility. Because we pre-engineer our fabric building to withstand any weather conditions, they are suitable for a multitude of climates. Alternative uses for your Britespan building can include:

  • Portable and Temporary Structures: If you need a versatile storage or warehouse space, a fabric structure is the best option. A temporary or portable facility is perfect if you need to frequently move from one place to another.
  • Clamshell Tents: Our durable structures are an excellent solution for aviation hangars and large equipment, gear, and vehicle storage. Britespan fabric structures have the added benefit of flexibility of uses depending on how your needs change.
  • LAMS Tents: With all of the unobstructed, clear-span space within our fabric structures, you’ll have plenty of space for maintenance work and storage. There are numerous maintenance projects that you can carry out in buildings with their customizable options. They are well ventilated, allow in ample natural light as well as accommodate electrical wiring for maintenance projects.
  • Military Shelter Structures: Our buildings are bright, airy and well ventilated, making them an excellent option for personnel housing. From on-site barracks that can be customized with insulation, door style and placement, and fire suppression systems, to portable staffing and troop tents, Britespan has options suitable for all military organizations.

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