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Military Structures Using Fabric Buildings

Sturdy and expansive fabric buildings are an excellent solution for a range of military uses. The fabric structures made at Britespan are great for permanent and temporary storage of vehicles and equipment. We offer easy installations as well as unobstructed and open interiors that allow plenty of space for sheltering machinery. Our fabric domes can be adapted for more functionality and reused for different military applications. There are many benefits to having a fabric structure, especially when storing with military-grade aircraft, motorized boats, and Humvee vehicles.

Utilizing a Fabric Dome for Military Purposes

The fabric structures we manufacture are expansive, spanning up to 300 feet wide to allow for plenty of military storage space. These temporary buildings are ideal if you need something portable that can be quickly set up and deconstructed with ease. Our robust fabric buildings can act as workspaces or as a shelter for protecting expensive military machinery and equipment. These are some of the other uses the military can get out of our structures:

  • Temporary Structures: If you need a versatile storage or warehouse space, a fabric structure is the best option. A temporary facility is perfect if you need to move often from one place to another.
  • Military Shelters and Structures: The military can make great use of fabric buildings when they need rugged shelter or a dependable structure. The added benefit being that they can be permanent, temporary and portable.
  • Maintenance Shelters: With all of the unobstructed space within our fabric structures, you’ll have plenty of space for maintenance work. There are numerous maintenance projects that you can carry out in our buildings.
  • Military Tents: The military can make much use of fabric tents or structures, which is what Britespan specializes in. We construct buildings that are perfect for a variety of projects.

Why Britespan is the Best Choice

Britespan is an ideal choice because of the high-quality materials we use. The premium craftsmanship of our fabric buildings makes us stand out from the rest, from the hot-dip galvanized steel trusses to the superior design. The military chooses our fabric structures over others because we have over 25 years providing only the most outstanding service and quality products. When our domes are deployed for military operations, they exceed expectations and achieve the best results.

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For permanent or temporary fabric buildings, get in touch with the experts at Britespan. Call us at 1-800-407-5846 to learn more about our military structures.

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With bright, natural lighting and abundant ventilation inside, a Britespan fabric building provides a comforting environment for livestock, improving herd health and productivity. Eliminate the need for daytime lighting and improve worker safety within the shadow free environment.

The open-span interiors in a Britespan building offer extraordinary height and clearance up to 300 feet wide. With no interior columns, you can maximize useable storage space and easily maneuver heavy equipment and vehicles within the building.

All of Britespan's structures are uniquely engineered to meet specific weather conditions and building codes. You can have confidence that your building has been engineered to withstand your local snow, wind and rain loads. Britespan fabric buildings are tested to the highest standards and built to stand the test of time.

Utilizing a pre-engineered and modular design, all of Britespan’s fabric structures are built in a fraction of the time when compared to conventional buildings, often in weeks rather than months. This means less operating down time for you, and a faster turnaround for generating profit.

Britespan trusses are hot dip galvanized, post fabrication, to prevent any rusting. This quality standard provides lifelong corrosion resistance and maximum durability, even in the harshest environments.

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