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Effective Road Salt Storage

Road salt has particular requirements for proper storage. Britespan fabric buildings are an excellent solution for your road salt storage needs. Road salt is utilized across North America to de-ice roads, parking lots, sidewalks and more. Our fabric salt domes and structures work perfectly to keep salt protected from the environment. Our network of authorized Britespan representatives works with you to ensure your fabric building is tailored to meet your needs.

If stored properly, road salt is equally effective from one season to the next. The only thing that diminishes the effects of road salt is moisture. Rain, snow and humidity will dissolve and wash away your stockpiles of salt. To prevent the loss of your inventory and investment, invest in a Britespan fabric storage dome.

The Benefits of Britespan

Storing road salt in a Britespan building has several advantages. Our fabric structures have unparalleled durability because we pre-engineer them from the best materials available. Once completely fabricated, our steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized for exceptional resistance against corrosion. Britespan buildings have a customizable length and height for maximum storage capacity, so you can store more salt in a smaller footprint. Maneuvering trucks and loaders to move your road salt inside a Britespan structure is easy because we do not use interior columns. You can house your machinery and salt conveniently in the same building. Flexible, open floor plans allow you to create partitioned areas for multiple storage options.

Our structures are designed with your location in mind. Because we pre-engineer each building, they stand up to unique weather conditions as well as region-specific building codes. No matter the climate you operate in, our fabric buildings will meet local requirements along with your business needs. Our local, on-the-ground crew will complete the construction of your salt storage unit in a matter of weeks, so your operational downtime is negligible, saving you money and time. Whether you require a permanent road salt storage facility or a temporary fabric dome, put your trust in Britespan.

Increase your Storage Options

We provide top-of-the-line bulk storage for road salt in a structure that allows for maximum capacity for both product and equipment. Work with our local, authorized Britespan representative to create a solution for your business.