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Britespan Fabric Buildings

Britespan fabric buildings are ideal for several industries. Our structures have high clearance with no interior columns, so they can conveniently store anything you require. Bulk salt storage requires protection from the elements to prevent caking, seepage and dissolving. Our fabric buildings are a superior storage solution for salt. Salt is essential for many industries in both production and operational applications. Having an adequate salt storage dome is where Britespan comes in.

Storage Solutions for You

With a fabric building from Britespan, you can protect your salt from the elements and store it in a controlled environment. Ensuring that your bulk salt is appropriately preserved and easily accessed is vital for your company. Our building options will eliminate runoff, dissolution and the loss of your investment and revenue. In many climates and cities across North America, salt is used for de-icing roads. We hot-dip galvanize our steel trusses to be corrosion resistant and withstand your local weather conditions.

The Britespan Advantage

Britespan fabric buildings are affordable and manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are erected on-site by our expert installers to your location, no matter how remote. Our buildings can be installed in a matter of weeks, so you have minimal disruption to work. Each structure can have a width of up to 300 feet and our customization options allow for whatever length you require. With high clearance and no obstructive interior columns, you can store what you need as well as move within the building with ease. Britespan is an excellent solution for storing equipment, machinery, and materials under the same roof.

Rapid construction and flexible foundation options make Britespan buildings an affordable building option when compared to standard brick-and-mortar construction. Additionally, our structures enable you to maximize the total storage capacity in height and take up very little ground space. Our pre-engineered fabric buildings are an economical solution for any industry.

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Britespan is committed to manufacturing durable, long-lasting fabric buildings out of high-quality materials. As salt is used in a variety of applications, storing large quantities of this commodity is vital for many industries. If you require a new option for storing build salt, contact us today. Your local authorized Britespan representative will quickly be in touch.