Providing the Highest Quality Steel Buildings and Fabric Roof Systems

It’s all about the livestock environment

This motto stands behind all our steel buildings. We cover several building applications with specialties in dairy barns, beef barns, and indoor riding arenas. Our free-span buildings are engineered and designed using structural steel and tension fabric covers that provide animals with the best environment possible. The natural ambient light inside a fabric building makes for a great environment for livestock and operators alike. And the fresh air and ventilation reduce airborne illness common in conventional barns that hold moisture and humidity. Free-span interiors create flexible floorplans and allow you to create the barn layout you need and even change it down the road.

Britespan's Epic Series steel structure buildings are available in free-span widths from 60 feet to 160 feet to any length required. Building features include an overshot ridge, 2-foot to 5-foot eaves, a low pitch of 5/12 with or without center feed alley posts, a variety of end and sidewall materials, and door styles and sizes.

Haines Beef Feedlot

Haines Feed Farm | John and Bill Haines

John and Bill Haines own and operate a beef feedlot of over 700+ head of cattle. When deciding on a new cattle barn, they chose a fabric building from Britespan to operate more efficiently. Shortly after the cattle had moved into the new barn, John and Bill noticed a drastic reduction in the number of cattle they were doctoring on a daily basis. Their average gains have increased by 20% and their labor has been reduced by half!

 Free-Span Steel Buildings Ideal for Agriculture

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Dairy barns

Our dairy barns create the ideal environment for your dairy cattle. Superior airflow and ventilation help keep your barn dry by decreasing the moisture and humidity that can cause sickness. Better health results in better milk production, stronger heats, and cow longevity. Free-span interiors create the opportunity to house cattle, feed, equipment, and machinery all under one roof.

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Beef barns

Having the best feed conversion and average daily gain is what makes cattle production profitable. Fabric buildings provide the best environment possible to promote excellent cattle health which results in achieving these two objectives. That same winning health environment for cattle finishing also works for the cow/calf producer needing a healthy environment for their animals.

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Indoor horse riding arenas

Fabric buildings make the perfect horse barn, indoor riding arena, or stall barn. Enjoy the free-span, with no interior columns from 60 feet to 160 feet wide, we can do it! The ambient light through the fabric creates an environment with “no shadows”, an excellent environment for the horses. Our customers just love the light the cover lets in. Any width to any length, we’ve got you covered.

Some of Our Building Projects