Engineered Waste and Recycling Buildings

Non-corrosive buildings with extraordinary interior clearance

Britespan provides the ideal structure for waste management and recycling companies. With no interior columns, you'll have the entire space to run your operation smoothly and efficiently and design a floor plan and layout that works best for your business. Incorporate areas for unloading trucks, sorting, recycling, storage and removal of disposable items.

Our prefabricated structures offer municipalities and public works departments a smart solution for waste management facilities and recycling buildings with our clear-span fabric buildings. Britespan's steel-framed structures are fully engineered to site-specific weather loads and rigorous building codes and provide an array of customizable options including:

  • Extra high sidewalls and legs
  • Variety of door sizes and styles
  • Flexible foundation options
  • Custom portals and openings

TRY Recycling Building & Transfer Station

Mixed Materials and Composting

Rick talks about TRY Recycling’s waste transfer station constructed on a 9-foot wall with one open end and a man door to step down into the building. The company logo on the front of the building helps complete the yard.

Waste Fabric Building Sorting Facilities

Sorting facilities

Extra height and clearance and an open floor plan make Britespan's fabric buildings the ideal structure for recycling depots and sorting facilities. Easily maneuver equipment and machinery and separate materials as needed.

Waste Composting Fabric Building

Composting facilities

Tension fabric buildings protect organic and reusable materials from the elements while allowing for maximum airflow and circulation, a critical component in producing quality compost products.

Waste Transfer Facilities in a Fabric Building

Waste transfer stations

Because they cover a large span, our fabric structures are an excellent option for holding and transferring waste and salvageable materials. Sizes are customizable up to 300-feet wide and any length you require.

Dependable Solutions | Versatile Structures

Ventilation and superior air circulation help expel fumes and moisture accumulation inside the building, and the soft natural light let in through our fabric covers creates a bright, shadow-free and safe working environment. Our fabric covers are non-corrosive, and our structural steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized after all fabrication is complete, providing corrosion protection that stands up to harsh environments.

Britespan's fabric buildings are modular and pre-engineered, so they are often shipped and installed in a fraction of the time when compared to conventional steel or brick-and- mortar buildings, resulting in less operating downtime and a higher return on investment. Speak with your local expert today.

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Start building in as little as six weeks from the time you order. Unlike traditional steel buildings, Britespan's pre-engineered fabric buildings go up faster, saving you time and money.