Affordable Solutions for Waste Transfer Stations & Recycling Buildings

Municipalities and local governments are regularly tasked with finding ways to save money, especially when it comes to recycling buildings. Increasingly, waste transfer stations play a key role in making waste transportation more economical. With these buildings, fewer garbage trucks are on the road making trips to landfills. That means less fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Britespan offers a smart solution with clear span fabric storage buildings. Our customizable options provide an array of choices, allowing you to design a structure that meets your specific needs. Incorporate areas for unloading trucks, sorting, recycling, storage and removal of inappropriate items like batteries.

Since our pre-engineered fabric buildings don’t have interior columns, you have the entire space to run your operation smoothly and efficiently. The coverall structures are non-corrosive and can include:

  • Extra high side walls
  • Variety of door sizes
  • Foundations
  • Branding

Custom, Portable Fabric Buildings Fit Any Need

Britespan structures are ideal for:

  • Water treatment facilities — Fabric lasts longer in plants constantly exposed to moisture and harsh chemicals. Plus, our buildings are manufactured with hot-dipped galvanized trusses for superior rust protection.
  • Biomass storage buildings — Tension fabric buildings protect organic and reusable materials from the elements while allowing for ample natural light and maximum airflow. They’re also portable for temporary use.
  • Waste transfer stations — Because they cover a large span, our fabric structures are an excellent option for temporarily holding waste. Sizes are customizable up to 300 feet wide and any length you require.
  • Recycling buildings — Versatility makes Britespan fabric buildings suitable for a holding station for recyclables or a processing facility. Translucent fabric creates an environment of safety for your crews by providing a shadow-free interior.
  • Sorting facilities — As an economic alternative to traditional steel or brick buildings, our portable structures provide the type of storage you need for sorting bins.
  • Materials storage buildings — Clear span interiors allow you to maximize the functionality of your building. Storage, processing and holding can be housed in a single structure without interfering with forklifts, conveyors, trucks and other heavy equipment.
  • Composting facilities - Controlled environments that reduce odor and reduce operating costs. With a Britespan composting facility, you can customize your building to suit your HVAC requirements.

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TRY Recycling Mixed Materials and Composting

80’ x 80’ Recycling and Transfer Station

Rick talks about TRY Recycling’s waste transfer station constructed on a 9’ wall with one open end, with a man door to step down into the building. The company logo on the front of the building helps complete the yard.


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